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Great! Now I have one more thing to worry about.

December 14, 2004

Urine leaves bridge close to collapse

A bridge in Indonesia is reportedly in danger of collapse because of people urinating on one of its steel pillars.

Public works officials say a section of the Ampera bridge now slopes at an angle because of the practice.

The 1,177-metre long bridge, built in the city of Palembang in 1962, is considered a tourist attraction.

Azmi Lakoni, head of the local highway and bridge department, told the Jakarta Post: “The office has not yet done thorough tests on the slant of the bridge.

“But we are concerned that one of its main support piers has been weakened by urine, as it is a popular spot for locals to relieve themselves.”

Officials fearing its imminent collapse are to divert cargo vehicles weighing more than one tonne from the bridge.

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