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December 17, 2004

OK, for the second Christmas in a row, Amazon has left me out in the cold. Here briefly is the story this year. Ordered several items on November 29th, their site said they would arrive before Christmas, I check “where’s my stuff” yesterday and well guess what? your order will arrive in January. I upgrade the shipping and the date moves farther out. I email them… they respond that it is my fault! I left the box checked that combines the packages together into one shipment!!!! HELLO, that is the default…and you still said it would be here…. Now the kicker is after 30 minutes on the phone with Sudip Trivedi (real name) I am told I can’t cancel the part of the order that will be late, just spend my time returning it and wait on the credit….Plus I get to find the items needed elsewhere and spend extra on shipping to insure they arrive on time.

Merry Christmas Stupid, oops I mean Sudip.

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