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Mama’s can do wonders

January 6, 2005

Noticed this article in a local paper where a client is located.

Inmate escapes Chickasaw jail; mama returns him to deputies

By Mike Prince
An inmate at the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department jail was back in custody Monday evening after escaping from the Houston facility earlier in the day.

Jaquis Brandon, 18, of Okolona, escaped on foot at approximately 11 a.m., according to Pam Barnett, who was the jailer on duty at the time of the escape. Barnett said Brandon was arrested for old fines (speeding tickets).

“His mama brought him about 6 p.m.,” Barnett said. “Mamas can do wonders, for sure. He was just scared to be in jail and panicked. He was fast as lightning and out the door. I’m glad it turned out all right. Thank goodness for his mama.”

Barnett said Brandon would likely not face any additional charges.

“He’s the first one to run on me,” she said. “The deputies were out looking for him Monday afternoon. He apparently made it to his mama’s home and she immediately escorted him back to the jail.”

Tuesday morning Brandon was sitting outside the Chickasaw County jail surrounded by the facility’s chainlink fence. His calm demeanor in the warm Mississippi sun was a far cry from the previous morning, according to Barnett.

“He is doing a lot better today,” she said. “He probably had an opportunity to think about what he had done. I guess he just learned his lesson with a little help from his mama. I’m glad this all turned out for the best. He’ll probably be fine now.”

I for one am hopeful for a different (better, more intimate) relationship with my mother. Last year held hard discoveries for me as well as confronting ones that I love about how I really have felt towards them. Hope this years is much different. What has your Mama done for you?

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