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You can’t keep them safe

January 18, 2005

Yesterday was a difficult day. I even started this post yesterday, but it got lost in the shuffle and so I start over today. Sunday night we were at our prayer group (really a covenant group) we meet after Sunday night “worship service”. Yes we still have one. But our life groups start next month. This a group of dear friends willing to fight for each others hearts. (By the way this is not at all meant to sound self serving) We had decided to fast and give the money we would have spent on food to the tsunami victims. We had talked about fasting and various experiences and were trying to get out some concerns that needed prayers. About that time I heard our 9 year old screaming in the back room where the kids were playing. I got up to see why he was so upset and saw our 4 year old coming down the hall crying and his head COVERED in blood. I yelled for Kim that he was bleeding badly (Good thing I married a RN) She was much calmer than me. I went to try and stop the screaming in the room and find out what happened. Shortly I was told we had to get to the hospital. Caleb the 4 year old had been for stitches a few months ago. So we left with a 9 year old crying a bloody 4 year old crying and a 18 mo. old SCREAMING. Turned out ok, 7 stitches. ANOTHER $1500 hospital bill. (I love being self employed and having crappy insurance) Then the news of the Highland youth accident. Reading Mike Cope’s petition for prayers… my heart hurt. And now news that a dear friends grandfather passed away. Life is short. Psalm 39:4 says LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, and that my life is fleeing away. (NLT)
Well it is one thing to be reminded of your brevity of life…. but the harsh reality that you CAN’T keep your children safe is tough. Caleb in the past 6 months has feel out of the “tree house” at church and landed on his head, possibly cracking his skull, then 4 stitches and now 7 more. His love of life and adventure is attractive. He is FULL of life. I can’t imagine losing him. I can’t imagine the loss that parents feel who have lost a child. Our Heavenly Father’s giving of his one and only is all that much harder to imagine. May God’s arms be around those weeping today.

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