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February 2, 2005

Much different than “come let us reason together” is postmodernism, things are sometimes like the rabbit hole, not as they seem or not as you once knew them. The architectural example here is the Piazza de Italia in New Orleans by Charles Moore. It is from 1977 or so. Architectural elements were treated in ways that up till this time were unthinkable. Elements that have their beginning in a particular material that literally gives them their shape and proportion are in materials that seem to say I can do this because it is possible. It seems that this Postmodern thing is just now 3 decades later hitting most churches. Architects moved from this stage to the next which is to a large degree concerned with the deconstruction portion of postmodern thought. Although these overlapped and their was great debate on whether it better to express the deconstruction or to resurrect ancient forms and give a wholeness to the architecture. Next will be another example of resurrecting ancient forms… but it seems that is part of the debate in churches. Will we go back to ancient worship or deconstruct it altogether? The early attempts seem much like this example, they are hokey, silly and after the new wears off no one is interested. So where are we headed?
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