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I teach the history of the universe and a friend wonders if I am angry?

February 10, 2005

Last night I taught the college class, I was asked to fill in due to the campus minister being asked to speak at Freed Hardeman’s lectures on campus ministry. Its difficult to determine a topic that you can cover in one week. So I thought what about the history of the universe. That should be easy to cover in one night. I got the idea from reading John Eldridge’s book EPIC. The story we find ourselves in. I used video clips on the big screen and we had a few technical difficulties but all in all I think it went pretty well. And I haven’t been summoned to a meeting to discuss my use of movies in a class yet. So all in all, no excommunication, no problem. Now lest you think this silly, I have had discussions before for using video in class that had “instrumental music” in the background. I think the rule is that if you don’t mention Jesus or God then you can have such instruments. The last such discussion the woman I was talking to said, “maybe I am being a pharasee?” I just shrugged. I wanted to scream its OK. but I know my own sins too well.

Anyway, I think it opened up the possiblility of using movies as an opportunity to discuss spiritual matters with peers. I hope that it becomes a blessing to the students.

Due to some of my venting to a friend that lives elsewhere, He asked me if my church family viewed me as angry? did that hurt my witness to them? (I thought “what kind of church of Christ minister are you, “witness”) and are there better ways to use my gift?

I hope I am not viewed as angry… many in the past year have commented on my happiness. I really am enjoying life more than ever. I had an inability to really get close to people. I was a great actor at it, but I always held a little back. It had to do with some unforgiveness in my heart toward my family. Disfunctional to describe us is like calling Hitler an unpleasant fellow. Maybe I will share that next with the WORLD. I need to write down the process anyway.

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