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Do you prefer owl puke or owl pellet?

March 3, 2005

We are at the end of a Wednesday night study on Finances God’s Way, taught by a good friend. The class has been great. Really challenging. But not in a Dave Ramsey kind of way. But on a spiritual plane. Last night was a bit Dave Ramsey like and just dealt with ways to save a lot of money on a home purchase. I say that to set the stage. After getting home we had a UPS package that my 9 year old son informed me was the “Owl Pellets that Mom ordered”.

I asked what is an owl pellet? Kim said, “WOW! Something you don’t know about”. I admit I am a source of useless information. She told Eli to explain. So he told me that when an owl eats say a rodent, they swallow them whole and then digest them and spit back out the skin and bones in a ball. (I know your thinking a lot of things at this point)
1. That is gross.
2. Why would a 9 year old know this?
3. Why would his mother buy this?
4. These people in Mississippi are ______?

Well, I knew this phenomena. I just would have called it Owl Puke. I’ve seen it many times in my life as a boy roaming the woods of West Tennessee. I am a product of the metropolis of Middleton, Tennessee population 496 before I left I assume it is (495) some 18 years later. It seems that achieving exit velocity is difficult in this town, but that is another story.

Back to Owl pellets. It seems that the owl “pellet” was ordered from a science catalog in order to dissect it and identify the bones and discover what the deceased creature once was. The reason I was told you order such is that it is sterilized.

I had to ask, “What do you pay for owl puke? Well it seems that pellets are around $5 plus shipping, but of course you need the kit. It comes with bone charts and tweezers, etc. I didn’t want to know.

My expressed thoughts were:
1. I guess it doesn’t really matter about all that mortgage stuff when my wife is spending good money for owl puke.
2. Next time I will take you out in the woods and when we find a unsterilized ball of puke we will kick it with our boots and say “Hey that looks like a rat or was it a rabbit? Cool”.

I think the response I heard was “I am going to hurt you!”

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