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I’m plotting today, oh yes I’m plotting today…

April 5, 2005

What am I plotting? Drawings. Today is one of those days I spend too much time opening files on the computer and sending them to the plotter (a big printer). So I thought while I sit here and wait, I would write.

I am feeling a bit challenged. Chris Gonzalez is FAT and he’s not taking it anymore.
He has started the new blog 40 days of Fat Go there and encourage Chris to loose weight and raise money! I feel challenged because I too am fat! How did that happen, I was once known as skinny!

The challenge comes from two things. Yesterday I checked out Cross Timbers website to see if Jay Utley had spoke (I love to hear Jay) He didn’t speak by the way. But their new series is “Overhauling -God’s Body Shop, Does God really care about our physical bodies? In this physical education series, we’ll discover that God has a healthier way for us to live.” Ok, I might listen.

Then I checked out Chris’s blog and he on 40 days of Fat. I look and he quoted me. It might be a sign! Or as my mother says, “It might be a sin.. I don’t know”.

So Chris I am telling the one or two people who accidentally read my blog to check you out. I keep hearing a version of the speck in my brother’s eye verse. How can I be quoted as saying someone’s weight is causing them trouble when I appear to be pregnant. Ok Chris I will join in! Ouch!

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