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Maybe Cookie Monster will Join 40 Days of Fat

April 11, 2005

No more treats for Cookie Monster!
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He is aiming to get healthy during the show’s new series reports the New Zealand Herald.
Other characters will also get involved in the health drive. Elmo will be shown exercising.
As part of the project, Cookie Monster, who used to sing that “C is for cookie”, will be telling viewers that biscuits are occasional treats. He now sings: “A cookie is a sometimes food.”
The producers of Sesame Street will now start with a health tip about nutrition, exercise, hygiene and rest.
Producers deny that Cookie Monster has been placed on a diet. “We would never use the word diet with pre-schoolers,” said a spokeswoman.

That is what they say… but he looks fat to me! If you’re interested in 40 Days of Fat check it out.

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