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Well here goes my chance to be Dean of the school of Bible at….

April 28, 2005
I will stick my neck out.

I plan to go through the whole document. but here are some initial thoughts and questions from paragraph one.
My comments are in Red

1. It is our intention to clarify our interesting, this document its concerned with “our Christian identity” Christian identity in a time of increasing uncertainties. Churches of Christ are part of the American Restoration Movement, which sought to overcome the divisions of Christendom by returning to the faith and practice of the earliest Christians.well while that’s true, I signed up to be a part of the Lord’s church. Now I know a lot of people use that phrase as a code word for “church of Christ”, I wanted to be a Christian, not a church of Christer. I’m sticking to that one. While we believe that disunity and division among Christians are not according to God’s will, we also believe that unity cannot be grounded in minimal agreements among Christian traditions. Ok, surely you don’t think we have to all agree on everything. The question is what do we have to agree on. The path to substantive Christian unity is found in returning to the clear teachings of Scripture and practices of the early church, commonly acknowledged and respected by all Christian traditions. Well seems that Jesus said in John 17 that it was found in Him. In this light, beliefs and practices characteristic of Churches of Christ are neither novel nor idiosyncratic, nor should they be easily abandoned. Well, I will agree that in my experience they are seldom novel (at least in the sense they are not new and creative). As for idiosyncratic; The definitions are 1.A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. 2.A physiological or temperamental peculiarity. 3.An unusual individual reaction to food or a drug. ; Some of our beliefs and practices are VERY characteristic and peculiar to our group. As to whether they should be easily abandoned… that depends. I suspect that is the impetus of this document. They don’t want anyone to abandon our common (commonly taught, by words or actions) beliefs and practices.

Well, I will wade through more of it later. Keith’s comment on the previous post may be correct. It may be that it will take me a while to read through it.

One last note, there are some well respected folks who signed this…. The only thing I really want my name on is called The Book of Life.

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  1. April 28, 2005 12:43 pm

    TCS, if you’re sentenced to scrubbing toilets in the public torture arena in the slummiest slums of eternal blazes for these views – before I am – please save me a seat, will you?

  2. April 28, 2005 1:01 pm

    TCS –

    I just read your comment at over at “JD”s blog and need to set the record straight. I wish I could take credit for the comment you liked so much on JD’s blog that:

    “I tell you that because when people start talking about a “New Testament” pattern or something similiar, I always think “If God intended for us to have a pattern, He knows how to give us one in detail with no misunderstanding it. Is it just me that thinks he would have “spelled it out”, so to speak?”

    – But, that’s from my 83 year old Mom out in Abilene, Texas who has been a Christian for about 60 years and is a dedicated Bible “scholar” in her own right.


    P.S. My younger son went to MSU several years ago, but couldn’t find a “homeplace” or comfort in the local cofC at the time. How are things now? I was always saddened that things were that way for him there because he really went through some rough times while in school and needed the church. Thankfully, he’s now happily married with a young family, very strong spiritually and in a great fellowship just up the road in south Mississippi.

    Drop around sometime to visit for a look at the lighter side of life! I find that we all need that – especially in these days of so much turmoil both within and without the church.

  3. April 28, 2005 2:17 pm

    Be careful of that Andrews woman… she is a popcorn nazi! lol

    I really think a full disclosure on (1) who wrote the document and (2) Why the document was written and (3) what the writers hope to accomplish would have helped.

    The fact that there are no women, that only elders and ministers and educators will be allowed to comment / discuss the document … it all reeks of traditionalism and heirarchy … I have no respect for it.

  4. April 28, 2005 10:37 pm

    I was just over at JD’s blog commenting on this very thing, and lo and behold, he was thinking (and says) the same things I was saying, that:

    “The fact that there are no women, that only elders and ministers and educators will be allowed to comment / discuss the document … it all reeks of traditionalism and heirarchy … I have no respect for it.”

    Except that I went even further, saying I had seriously considered “applying” for the discussion just to see what would happen and if I would get any kind of (unpublished, I’m sure) response. But, then, as JD says, I am possibly a “popcorn nazi”(?!) (you’re just upset, JD, that I “dissed” your favorite popped treat), as well as a mere woman, so what do I know?!

  5. May 3, 2005 9:10 pm

    TCS, I finally succumbed to the temptation to post my own substantive response at One Christian’s Affirmation, a new blog I created just for the purpose.

    Of course, I’m taking a way-out-on-a-limb position on creeds here ….

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