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I’m out of business… and does the cat have to sign the affrimation?

April 29, 2005

As you can see below there is a Abston Chruch of Christ! Check it out Here! There are several thoughts.

  1. Does this mean that I will never be hired to design another church?
  2. That’s not a church of Christ… it has Windows!!!
  3. in the question section … sadly she has had so many people ask… that there is an explination of the organ in the “church of Christ”
  4. Does the cat have to sign the CHRISTIAN AFFIRMATION 2005

hope you enjoy!

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  1. April 29, 2005 5:07 pm

    Isn’t that just the neatest thing ever!?! I got that back a while and sent it out to everyone I knew because I thought the whole site was so neat. I wish I’d known you then, TCS, because I certainly would have sent it on to you, first on the list. Maybe if I’d have done that, you could be lining up Vocational training for another line of work! ha!

    As for the cat – I asked JD about our cat when trying to find out if we could get a break on the cost with a “family” plan for the “28 Day Total Church Makeover,” which, if you haven’t read, you MUST (from a week ago or so), since we don’t have children at home.

    He didn’t say no, so I assume he’s still considering it. I would say that if JD lets us count the cat as being part of the family for that purpose, then DEFINITELY the cat needs to sign the affirmation!!

    Although, my mom (again), had this to say today in her email to me this morning after reading it:

    “I wouldn’t sign it. First, because it’s so lengthy and I’m not for sure what it’s saying, not to mention what it means. I think it suffices to say that I believe the Bible is true and there is no end to the depth of understanding it even if you study it all your life, and I think that’s enough AFFIRMATION. (Emphasis her’s.)

    I’ll have to go along with my mom, I guess, which leaves our cat on his own to decide!!


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