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Believing Thomas

May 26, 2005

It seems that Believing Thomas is a good choice, so I will stop the parade of titles for a while.

Thank all of you for the public and private comments and wisdom. This has been brewing for several weeks and I resisted posting it for some time. I appreciate you prayers, I know they will be effective.

In case you were wondering, THE issue was that a WOMAN read scripture (and as I have been told by everyone relaying the story) it was from THE PULPIT! Now to me that is near silly, OH it would probably make me a little uneasy, but I realize that is because I am not used to that happening. I in my best Modern (logical) mindset can’t see the difference between that and reading in class. Which is OK (in case you have not been following). Unless it is the old “Opening prayer” trick. God comes in, God goes out. Actually last year had a 34 year old man try to argue that at our adult men’s class at camp….man the raw meat eater came off the bunks on that one.

At the risk of sounding immodest. Now I know, I have a blog so obviously I am immodest. One talent I do have is the ability to be a peacemaker. Learned it early in life with fighting parents and their nightly show. Several people over the years have said that I should be a negotiator. So with your help maybe this can be resolved or at least de-fused.

But I am off to my Neice’s wedding in Sunny Flordia. They have their own website. A couple of Harding grads headed to the alter. Afterwards my crew is headed to the House of Mouse and Shamoo’s Too. So blogging may be limited. What will you all do without my conversation ending comments on your blogs?

The picture above is a detail from Carvaggio’s “Doubting Thomas” I have a rather large collection of “Jesus” images. One of my favorites is below.

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  1. May 26, 2005 5:03 pm

    Tommy –

    You already know I really like your new template, your new blog name and, now, your new Subtitle. It all fits together perfectly! Good job!

    I was so impressed earlier that I “officially” added you as a link from my blog, since I was already “reading” you every day, anyway.

    I also like your pictures and am really going to miss you this weekend and until you get the chance to post again. What WILL we talk about and where can we all comment!?! But, ya’ll have a great time and wonderful safe trip.

    Thanks for sharing more about the camp problem. We’ll certainly be praying for you and backing you in any way we can to be a Godly peacemaker in all of this.

  2. May 27, 2005 6:35 am

    Blessed are you as a peacemaker. That is exactly what I will pray for… peace for you!

  3. May 28, 2005 7:24 pm

    ok…sometimes when you miss a little you miss a lot…

    I too love your title…when I clicked on your “identity” page I thought…”cool … why didn’t I notice that before?” now I know.

    And I’m very sorry about the mess. I know what you mean about camp…I got MARRIED at the camp I’ve invested my tears, sweat, and blood in. So I hear you.

    And…”church” can be awfully discouraging. Why can’t we just be about Jesus? He is God…and we aren’t…and I don’t think we get to walk around all puffed up saying that we KNOW what offends God…when things are really offending US. I think we miss the point. We draw funny lines sometimes…like how instrumental music is ok in the Old Testament…and will probably be in heaven…but its hell-bound right now. Or how we can’t say tithe…but we think you should give at least 10 percent. Or women passing the plate. Side to side ok…back and forth bad. And we say things like “there is authority in silence!” Thats not TRUE!!!!! Thats silly. Its about JESUS!!!!!!!!! I can’t really help you any…but I’ll say a prayer for wisdom for you…and I understand.

  4. May 30, 2005 11:54 pm

    Another gripe I have with church buildings. They oppress women. Oh yes, they do. In my small group women do everything men do, but not at the building. Why? I’ve never gotten a good answer to that question. The “Biblical” answers I get have been able to hold any water.

    Anyway, it’s midnight, I’m grumpy and I need to go to bed.

  5. February 6, 2006 8:52 am

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