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Building as more than machine

June 16, 2005

Solomon’s Temple

Well that is what most call it, it was of course God’s.

There are lots of models and drawings of what this might have looked like. Funny to me how all I have found miss some obvious direction. Just goes to show how hard it is for people to follow directions. For a good idea of what temples looked like, I like the movie Troy. The king of Troy goes to the temple to pray at one point. It is a movie and not all correct, WAY too big in general. But a good feel.

Pagan temples and God’s temple are not too different in architectural terms. The two named columns are very interesting named “Jakin” and “Boaz”. They probably were like giant torches and had inscriptions that were sort of titled Jakin and Boaz. ja’-kin (yakhin, means “he shall establish”; bo`az, means “in it is strength,”

You can Google Solomon’s Temple and read more about it than you will ever have time to read.

This temple like the tabernacle was God’s dwelling place. That is the meaning of the word. It contained his mercy seat. It pointed toward Jesus.

Could our buildings point to Jesus? Could they be more than just functional? Should they be?

The Modern era in architecture brought the famous “form follows function”. No longer did we need silly symbolic ornament. The idea was and still is to a large degree, “Building as Machine” it helps facilitate, it helps to accomplish something and that is all. Obviously through history that has not been the prevailing attitude. If you go on vacation to most places you end up touring some work of architecture. Why?

What would we think if our buildings actually taught about God? I don’t remember who said it but the printing press was the death of architecture. Architecture used to be didactic, it was communication tool. Eugene Victor Walter said “For the first time in human history, people are systematically building meaningless places.” That’s not a new quote but certainly seems to apply to church buildings.
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