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Boot Camp

August 24, 2005

To follow the war analogy, if Sunday, the last day of Wild at Heart Boot Camp was “D-day” then I am at D-day +3.

A few physical parameters first. I flew into Denver on Wednesday and arrived after Delta had canceled one of my flights, a little later than expected but excited. I went to Coors Field and saw the Rockies play the Brewers. You would think the “Brewers” would play at Coors Field. The stadium was far more interesting than the game. Very neat stadium but it suffers from what I hate about some stadium design these days. An artificial “oldness”. In the effort to recreate the feel of the old parks and their quirkiness, for example, Fenway, they have made the shape of the field an artificially strange shape. There is a great restoration movement church analogy there.

Other than that it is a lot like Turner Field in Atlanta. But For you Braves fans (which I am not) Turner Field is better in my opinion. You sit much closer to the field in Atlanta. I had 10th row seat (the crowd was so small everyone probably could have fit in the first 15 rows) and was pretty close to the action. But the upper deck even behind the plate was so far back that why bother. It does allow for not having a net which is nice. You have to pay attention or else!

I rode the charter bus from Denver to Crooked Creek Ranch. The ranch is a Young Life Camp and very well done.

Our days consisted of presentations with film clips and we spent a significant amount of time alone with God. Fajita’s Word of God series hit right in with this experience. So there you go Chris, God is using you to speak to me!

We also spent some free time each day, either horse back riding, mountain biking, hiking, on the high ropes course or mountain lugeing.

Ransomed Heart Ministries is about helping people get their hearts back. In Luke 4 Jesus reaIsaiah Issaih 61 and said that THE Good News was that he came to set captives free, restore sight to the blind. It seems obvious that he is not talking about the murders that are captive in prison. He is talking about those captive to a set of rule, a religion, a deception about God, a deception about themselves.

We spent time learning and talking about our place in the Big Story. About that we have a very important role to play. That we are needed in this great battle and that we have what it takes. It is difficult to use the analogies without sounding like some overly macho crap. That is not the idea. The idea is this: We are born into a great War, victory is secured but the enemy is not destroyed. So we are needed to fight against his deception. He is scared of what you might become so he has tried to take you out by attacking your heart. The only way to overcome this is to see the gospel as so much more than a set of rules to obey. You have to see it as abundant life, as relationship restored. Jesus said in Luke 19 (I think) that the son of man came to seek and save…. You finish it. I finished it “the lost”. But it says “that which was lost”. Could it be that what was lost was lost by Adam? Could we approach scripture such that the stories contained are examples and not exceptions? That David, Ester, Moses, Elijah…were just examples of the intimate, conversational life that Jesus wants us to have with him?

Well that conversational bit is a little out there for most of us. Partly because we have all seen nuts who say God told them to do something clearly against scripture. But I encourage to give it a try. Listen for that small, quiet voice. Invite him to speak.

If you have read Wild at Heart then you know the topics we discussed.

If you have seen the Matrix then you know the analogy of how I feel. I have been unplugged, rescued, I have taken whichever color pill that was.

Alive and excited about God in a way I have never really known. The downside of this Freedom is that religious spirit now makes me extremely sad and I must reject it.

Why is it that we think that we could come up with something better than God? Why would the good news not sound as good as something we could wish for? Well if its fruit is not that that Jesus spoke of then it’s not the real deal. Being set free, free to relationship with God is so much better than follow these rules and I’ll be back in a few thousand years.

Ok I have rambled enough.

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  1. August 24, 2005 3:18 pm

    I really enjoyed reading all you just wrote about your weekend, Tommy. And I can tell you are full of new and wonderful things that you’ll probably (hopefully) be sharing with us for a long time to come in ideas that you’ll be full of and new expressions of what being a Christian is all about.

    The pictures were great, too. I even enjoyed everything you wrote about going to the ballgame and how the stadium is built and all. Those are the kinds of things I’d be looking at and observing if I went.

    Look forward to hearing much more.

  2. August 24, 2005 5:06 pm

    It’s the blue pill, Neo.

    Sounds like a great week, I don’t guess they would let a macho-chick go??

  3. August 25, 2005 4:39 pm

    —You would think the “Brewers” would play at Coors Field.—

    Very good point, there Believing!

    Great pictures and it sounds like a wonderful time away!

    (What do you think of the Phillies stadium?)

  4. August 26, 2005 9:22 am

    I enjoyed reading that so much! I would like to go to a place like that…but I couldn’t do the high ropes. I get dizzy changing light bulbs!

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