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Katrina Update

August 31, 2005

Dee has just checked in. She had to leave Brandon(Jackson)no power there for 2 weeks. Read her blog. I think people think this is just the coast… it is not. The bottom half of the state is in real trouble! no power for weeks or months they are saying. No water. no news of what has happened or will happen. People will have to relocate for need of medication. Jackson is without gas, ice and power in many areas. The shelters there are overwhelmed.

This is the type of damage we had here in the northern half of the state.

Many of us are worried about Dee and her husband Tom as well as her son Mark and his family. Dee may not have power or phone service. She is in the Jackson area but much of it is still without power. The city is under a boil water notice and is still much better than anything to the east or south of Jackson. No one can even travel south of Hattisburg which was hit very hard as well. Katrina was still a catagory 2 storm when it came over Hattisburg (a long way from the coast). There are gas shortages as far north as here in Starkville. They are asking people to not even come to Jackson. They are out of gas in many places there. Tensions are getting high.

People in the Pine belt of Mississippi are in desperate need of water. Of course the coast is destroyed. Those people’s needs are so extreme that it is hard to know where to begin. The red cross is offering the largest disaster relief in history!

Here is a picture from Biloxi

These next picture is from Pascagula where JD is from. I don’t know where his house was, but I am sure the church is destroyed. If you go to mapquest here you will see where the church was located. My understanding is that Pascagula was not hit as hard as Biloxi/ Gulfport but that everything south of the railroad is gone.

This last one is a 10 year old being comforted about the loss of his home.

The SunHearld has a blog by reporters that has been the best real time info on the web. Photos can be seen at the ClarionLedger or there are a lot of tagged photos at Filker here

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