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What a church should look like

September 8, 2005

This picture doesn’t do justice to the amount of food and supplies that we saw at Ocean Springs Church of Christ. But day to day that has changed, one day they are out the next day they are covered up with supplies. If we all traded in our pews for grocery shelves, how differently might we impact the world in the name of Jesus?

I just spoke with JD! His spirits seem up. Their church can’t really handle shipments of supplies. They don’t have a place to store them, they don’t have people to hand them out. Yesterday a group came with grocery bags and took what they had and went around in a pickup handing them out to those in need. His and many houses that are left intact have mold and mildew growing in them. Lots to be done also at the church’s building.

If you or anyone you know is wanting to go and help (all types are needed, from cooks to carpenters, grocery baggers to General contractors (aren’t you glad I didn’t say gynacologists)) Please tell them they are needed and if anyone contacts me I can give you a contact, place to stay, things to do and advice on what to bring. I am doing this through our church and we are also taking donations. The number at the church is 662.323.1499. Or you can leave a comment or e-mail me through my profile.

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  1. September 9, 2005 1:33 pm

    Tommy, thanks for all that you are doing. We do appreciate you!

  2. September 12, 2005 4:30 pm

    Gynecologists? yuck.

    I went out on a date once, and he took me home to meet his parents, and — you guessed it — his dad was my GYN!

    I thought I would die. the relationship ended disastrously, although it should have ended when I “met” his dad… Live and Learn.

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