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October 14, 2005

Tommorrow night we will be going with some very dear friends to The Casting Crowns / Building 429 Concert.

Really looking forward to this. There are several songs on this new album that God really speaks to me through. One is a follow up (in my mind) to a song on CC’s first album.

The first song was Voice of Truth. I really identified with that and still do. That idea that the enemy is telling me I can’t do it, can’ make it. But the voice of Truth tells me a differnt story. The voice of Truth says, “do not be afraid”.

The follow up song talks about getting out of the boat and stepping on the waves. I learned some very compelling things lately about Rabbi’s and following their “way”. Peter wanted to be “just like Jesus”. So he steps out. I always thought his “lack of faith” was in Jesus. That really doesn’t make much sense. He lacked faith that he could do it. He thought “I don’t really have what it takes”. If you are thinking that, it is NOT coming from God. Take a chance with me. Find a place to sit and be quiet and ask Jesus, “Jesus, I invite you to speak to me about what you think of me, please come into me and tell me how you see me?” What have you got to lose? Are you afraid what he might say? Are you afraid he might call your bluff? Remember that there is no condimnation for those who are in Christ.

For the record, (burn me at the stake if you wish) I am going to this concert to worship the creator, not for entertainment. (some argue that is why they go and so it is OK. Stupid in my book).

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  1. October 14, 2005 5:09 pm

    I wanna go!!!!! Every song on that cd is my favorite except “Set Me Free”. Can Anybody Hear Her is probably my most favorite!

    *in a teeny tiny voice* “Can’t you worship and be entertained, too?”

    That stinkin’ bottle wouldn’t hold all my ice cream much less me! I could never live in there!

  2. October 15, 2005 7:07 pm

    I love the Voice of Truth. I also like Lifesong alot…

    I understand that you will be worshipping. I would go to if I had the chance.

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