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church as Art

November 3, 2005

A very intelligent teacher once discussed art with me in terms of a cat chasing a mouse. Language (words) are the Cat and are the enemy of Art. Art with a capital A is always striving to stay away from the cat. The farther away it gets the better. The less able to qualify and quantify art the more it is Art.

I think it was Rob Bell who I recently heard saying that the church has been run by the engineers for so long. Everything qualified and quantified. Systematic.

Beauty has a way of defying words. They fail to even begin. I was reading yesterday of someone’s description of some recent sunset. They said they stood there and applauded. And at the same time they wanted to fall to their knees and weep. Yes, that’s it.

Impossible to describe.

I have to warn myself against this, All the information: videos, books, blogs, conferences. They all tell you about “emergent” or whatever word you like. And I have to remember that to emulate or copy any one or several of these examples is nothing but another system, a way to put it to words.

The ancients used to refer to following the Spirit of Christ as Chasing the Wild Goose. The bride will be beautiful, but she has to escape the cat.

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