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Smile… Your going to Hell

November 7, 2005

Friday night we went to have our family photo taken for the church directory. The company I will not mention, but it sounds like Owen Hills, were taking the photos. After we sat for 400 shots in every conceivable combination of us and our 3 boys, (the guy may have a future figuring out combinations for some company) we got to wait in the chairs that were strangly placed in hall.

We later were escorted to the youth minister’s office. I was hoping to sit on his blow-up couch, but it had been moved to make way for the display of frames and photos. We were sat down in front of a monitor and took an eye exam… better or worse, better or worse, better or worse. We finally got down to a few and then were told, “of course the blue background will be in the directory of consistancy… boy that’s what we need, some consistancy.

Well then she took out a blank sheet of paper and rattled off some sizes of photos and said, “Normally this would be Nine hundred and …. (I faded out at Nine Hundred) … but we are running a special, today it is Seven Hundred and fourty-nine dollars.” Kim looked at me with the, “Don’t say it eyes”. With all my heart I wanted to say, “There are people sleeping in tents in this state because they have no home and you are out of your FREAKING mind if you think I am buying $700 worth of crappy pictures.” But I choose to just laugh. Kim told her we were cheap. She kept coming down. Did I mention that I don’t trust anybody that in this type transaction has no set prices.

We left the room with her begging us to buy $50 worth (same package was $150 to begin with). I used to complain that my wife would go to a guy we refer to as Uncle Buddy. He does take great photos and they don’t look like they would ever grace a church directory.

Earlier Kim and I had a date and went out to eat together and had a great time just talking. I realize more and more how lucky I am. She is so much coming into her glory.

Sunday we had a guest speaker… I don’t remember his name but he was in his 80’s. He was introduced at the early service as “______ is NOT here to try out.” THANK GOD. I heard today the second service was good and even moving. The only moving I thought about was getting up and leaving. Seriously. I didn’t really dissagree with anything he had to say. But the way it was delivered brought out the worst in us. Kim heard a lady (which I think a lot of) afterwards in the tell me how good I did line, She said that she really enjoyed his lesson and it was good to hear about all those people going to Hell. He replied that yes, some people are just afraid to say it.

Donna has me thinking on a sports analogy, maybe I will share some high school glory tommorrow.

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  1. November 7, 2005 7:59 pm

    I’m not sure I am comfortable having my name mentioned in this post… wonder you want to be traded!

  2. November 8, 2005 11:54 am

    Ha! Seven hundred dollars?!? I need four pictures taken for an “author photo” and the prices I’ve been quoted are around $2000.

    Yeah, right.

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