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November 8, 2005

When I was beginning Dixie Youth Baseball (think little league) I was drafted by the Bank of Middleton Team. My coach was the son of one of the owners. As you can see he is now a weatherman. Well as teams go, in the small town where we were referred to as “Bank” we, well… we sucked. Not just my first year but forever! I remember one year that we won one game against the 1st place team. Go figure. I remember one year that I was the only all-star off the team. Did I mention we were not very good? Once I was approached that I could be moved to another team (the first place team) if I wanted to. I said no. I was loyal to this pathetic bunch of boys. Being a big fish in that little pond probably had something to do with it.

Dixie Majors was a little better, as was Babe Ruth Baseball.

My high school football team won our district and region when I was in 8th grade. The next year we were moved from single A to double A classification by being over the average daily attendance by one (1) person! I don’t know how many times I heard my coach say,”I could think of more than one to get rid of.”

Being the smallest AA school in the state is not a good thing.

We lost a lot of games! In fact we dropped out of the State district and still lost a lot of games. We stunk. One game the future single A state champions were beating us 52 to 0 at half time when the transformer blew up and the game was called. I was grateful for a way out. But I always wore my football jacket with pride, in the spring my baseball jacket was worn with equal pride… you guessed it we were not too good at baseball either. But I was loyal. I was a team player. I had my part to play and I was needed.

My senior year of high school I broke my hand. I played two weeks with it broken. Eventually my coach said I had to get it x-rayed. I should have told him the doctor said to wrap it. Instead I missed half the season. I bawled like a baby in the exam room when the nurse said, “BOY its broke. ” I begged the specialist I went to for an soft cast… but no luck.

I was a senior, my leadership was needed. I had a role to play. I was going both ways and special teams. I ended up angering a lot of teamates yelling at them for lack of effort. I knew what it felt like when it was over. I got a glimpse early. I wanted them to give it their all. They wanted me off their backs.

I have always been overly loyal. Unwilling to jump any sinking ship. Not sure why. I am now a member of a church that is criticized by some because we have a video projector. But we are “not allowed” to show any pictures that move. Yes you read that right. We project our songs but they have to include the shape notes and they are in black and white. Don’t even ask. There are dozens of these silly things that on one hand don’t matter. But more and more I am concerned because these nice people don’t point anyone toward Jesus. They point you to a set of beliefs… some of them a bit strange (see above).

So, when is the trade deadline? I don’t know. But more and more I feel like adjunct faculty. I come in and teach and leave. I am not a part. I don’t really fit. But I do my job and leave. I don’t want to stay somewhere and become to critical… like Terrell Owens. Man, the eagles must hate him. And who would want him on their team now? I just have always hated quitters.

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  1. November 9, 2005 11:00 am

    There is a difference in quitting and taking your fishing pole to a different pond where the fish are actually biting (I know that is not football or baseball…)

    I am not sure you would have kept playing baseball with the struggling team if they told you everyone had to wear pink socks. No real reason, nothing that made baseball better, just that they heard that is how they did it in “the” game.

    Poor analogy, and I don’t know what I am talking about since I too am sitting here with my pink socks on!

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