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The Parable of the Shampoo Revealed

December 13, 2005

everyone’s comments were great! For me I have to start with a common ground.

We live in (to borrow from Eldridge (its ok since he has told me it is ok)) Act 3.

+Act one is pre- earth, God existed in trinity prior to the Earth.
+Act two is when Evil enters the story
+Act three is where we humans enter the story it is life as we have it now
+Act four is heaven

Now the Shampoo for me is yet another attempt of mine to make Act four on my own. Although I do like a nice smelling shampoo and I enjoy it will not make my morning that much different. Although I agree and understand Dee’s point. I was once stopped in a grocery store by a woman telling me that I could get some sort of shampoo for 99 cents. I guess she thought, “this stupid college kid is wasting money on shampoo”

Patrick had a post that made me think about this, as well as Terri’s post. It seemed that there are a lot of ways to read this shampoo dilemma.

I tend to think that if I can just make it through this____ (you fill in the blank with some struggle) I will then have it better/ I will then be happy and fulfilled. I usually find that I get the same thing again, just 50% more.

I think God has this way of handing us the same problems, over and over until we get them right. (more on this in a moment)

We saw Narnia last night. I have not read many comments about the scene at the four thrones. I didn’t grow up with Lewis or with any theology about thrones. But Jesus seems to give a number of indications that we are in training for ruling. That the reward will be a kingdom. If you need scriptures, I will be glad to list them, but I trust you remember those.

It seems that just when we seem to turn a corner, to be free of something, that here it is again with 50% more! Does that ever happen to you?

I do know that the best mornings I have had lately have been showering in a crummy makeshift shower in the Katrina Zone. It was not the shampoo but the day spent bringing God’s love and goodness to people who need it.

Maybe the reason is that we suffer away trying to trudge through another bottle of the same stuff. Maybe if we turned to the one who could really do something about it then we would no longer suffer. God may keep handing us these problems not so that we will handle them right, but so that we will turn to him. “Jesus, what are you trying to teach me here?” “Jesus, I invite you to come into my heart and heal this _____.” “Jesus, I don’t know what to do here, I keep facing this over and over and I admit, I can’t fix it.”

Kim, can we lose the VO5 it smells really bad.

I did notice today that she has this big bottle of stuff called” Pantene“. Maybe there is another parable there!

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  1. December 13, 2005 5:34 pm

    oooh…. I didn’t know it was VO5! My boss (now that she has hair again) uses Pantene and says,”Do you think my hair smells good?”

    A good friend once told me that learning from God is completely different than from school. In school, you get to study, do homework, practice and THEN take the test. God gives the test first and then you have the application. If you don’t learn the lesson the first time… he’ll keep coming with it. That’s always my prayer – God, help me get it the first time, please!

  2. December 13, 2005 6:56 pm

    If you’re cheap like us, try Suave for Men. Sexy!

  3. December 14, 2005 9:37 am

    Soooo, you are saying that the reason the “shampoo” always ends up the same is because I have not learned the lesson I need to learn yet? Maybe, I am just too comfortable with “my good smelling shampoo” to try something else. Maybe I am missing the BEST shampoo because I am afraid to sacrifice something else to try it! After all, the things that really help us to have a little of Act 4, here during Act 3 are seldom without great cost!

    {I vote with Dee on the picture of you with a head full of soap…PG of course}

  4. December 14, 2005 12:58 pm

    I can’t believe you just said, “It seems that just when we seem to turn a corner, to be free of something, that here it is again with 50% more! Does that ever happen to you?” because that is exactly how I felt last week when I found out my foot was broken – same foot that had the bad ulcer just last spring – and that THIS time, not only would I be confined for quite a long period of time, things were going to be (and are) much harder to deal with because of the hurricane and Tom’s overload, the crutches and inability to get around very well at all, even in the house.

    I know what you mean feeling that God must be trying to teach me something here that I’ve not yet learned because I’ve thought about it a lot. But I certainly don’t know and/or can’t figure out what all it must be. Especially this time when the biggest burdens of all are falling on my poor husband who is so overworked and fatigued to the point that he can hardly get through each day.

    He’s gotten SO fatigued that he can hardly move around the house any better than I can and just cannot do much at all here by the time he gets home each night.

    So – how is that a “lesson” for me from God, do you think? Why have I been placed in a position of being a huge burden to someone else that could well lead to his having another heart attack or worse?

    I have to think that these things are possibly from satan and not God. I just don’t believe God deliberately does anything to harm us or others “just to make a point” or to “teach us a lesson.” Do you? Do any of you think that?

    I guess I’m reminded of Job where all the bad things that happened to him WERE from satan trying to tempt him away from God. Does that story apply in any way?

    I’m not asking all of these as rhetorical questions. I’d really like to hear y’all’s thoughts on these things and carry on this discussion a little further.

    I mean – this has been hard. Really hard. And the worst I feel about it is because of what I see it doing to Tom and I can hardly bear it. I’ve been in tears to see him looking so bad and feeling so bad that he can hardly move out of his easy chair when he gets home. He’s been sitting for long periods of time at night with his eyes nearly closed, but awake, without wanting the TV on or for me to talk to him or to have to even think about anything and every little need I have takes nearly more energy than he can muster.

    So – who is responsible for this and what is the lesson and who is it for?


  1. pantene

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