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Caught up in Art

January 30, 2006

First I have to say the Fajita has a great post on this subject under his unity 2.0 series. I commented there this morning that he was singing my song.

If the picture above is the extent of your definition of Christian Art. Well…


you have too narrow or limited a definition. At the risk of using the E word. The emerging church is doing a much better holistic job of incorporating the arts into worship and life of the church.

Engineers don’t like art.

Art defies description.

Art often leaves you with questions not answers.

Art is subjective.

Art evokes emotion.

Art is impractical.

Engineers have run the Church for too long. Right-brained people have been made inferior. They “are easily led astray because they are too emotional”.

A Christian friend painted this,

it is called “Caught up” it is every bit as much Christian art as a painting of Jesus. Why doesn’t it hang in our church? Well for one it cost $2000. Art’s value is hard to value. For those of us who dwell in the visual arts or for me the experiential arts. How can you look/ experience the beauty of creation and not see the artist in God? For those who dwell in music how can you experience the cadence of the world and not hear the musician in God?

I’ll get back on a topic next time. I guess this does relate to systemization.

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  1. January 30, 2006 5:30 pm

    I don’t think technically enough to be an engineer, but I am not real gifted in art either.

    But I am expressive in my writing and I can “act”. Nothing tells a story like a good skit. I hope you are right about the change in who’s running things….

  2. clarshire1 permalink
    January 12, 2010 7:52 pm

    This friend of mine is taking pictures of normal objects that look like letters and then making words out of it…check out his website…

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