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The Water is Wide

January 30, 2006

Last night we watched the Hallmark movie “The Water is Wide” based on the book by Pat Conroy. Prince of Tides fame. Which is a movie I occasionaly watch and find myself in. It is also deeply disturbing.

We watched The water is wide after watching Ty bring the good news to another town and family on Extreme Makeover – Home Edition.

I am a sucker for those Halmark commercials.

In this story of a man teaching on a small island off the coast of South Carolina, he brings hope and opportunity and love to these children.

One scene sticks out to me. He discovered that one boy in the class was nearly deaf. The boy had somehow taught himself to speak and read lips. Pat goes to the boy’s grandmother who like all locals had treated him with a great deal of “stand offishness”. He asks her about the hearing and she tells him that he has been that way since birth. He had when it was confirmed in class told the other students you need to help by speaking directly towards him and announciate your words. They all said, “We’ll help you.”

Pat told the grandmother that the other kids would not be making fun of him anymore. and that I just wanted to let you know that. I know it was and actress but, her expression was perfect. I sat there thinking, He just brought the way of Jesus. It was profound. The world was a better place because he loved. Because he saw what they could become, not what they were. That I would have eyes to see.

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  1. Angie Burns permalink
    January 30, 2006 3:10 pm

    Hey… I watched that movie too (and cried through almost every Hallmark commercial… I just can’t help myself!). You know… I loved the ending. Sometimes it’s easy to expect the big Hollywood ending – where the main character is vindicated and justified (he would, of course, get his job back at the school) and the other characters would walk away in their shame. But I LOVED how the real happy ending was in everyone finding out that they are a little different and better for the experience. Everybody with a willing heart is a winner… from the rigid school marm in opposition to the lead character all the way down to the littlest soul in the class.

    It’s a comfort to know that even though every day of my life (or every experience I have in church) may not result in the happy ending I’m hoping for… but I know, thanks to God, that I’ll be different and better for walking through it with Him.

    Glad we could share a movie night together… well, together from a distance! My love to Kim and all three of your little souls!

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