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Mississippi Renewal

March 10, 2006

This is the Katrina Cottage. It is an effort by Mississippi Renewal to show that temporary housing doesn’t have to be a trailor. It was built in Jackson, Mississippi and one of my old co-horts was heavily involved as the architect.

This is it on display at a builder’s convention.

There are lots of issues on the coast still. Trailors are piled up in waiting areas while people sleep in tents and cars still. That’s right still. There are people who can’t get their trailors delivered because of lack of sewage diposal and proper power hookups. There are people living in parking lots FULL of trailor after trailor and they may stay there for as long as anyone can see.

So the question is what can make things better fast, and what level of dignity do these people deserve? GO zone or no Go Zone the economy on the coast will fail if a critical mass will not live there. Or if they find a way to leave. Or if their forseeable lives will be lived out with their family in a trailor the size of your bedroom. (I am not exagerating).

Of course there are the people who have just stayed in their houses (what’s left of them). Go read over at JD’s and see what I mean. They stay in those long enough and the mold an mildew will kill them and then we in the words of Scrooge “Decrease the surplus population”.

Mississippi Renewal wants to build the coast back better than it was before.
you can read more Here

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  1. March 10, 2006 1:54 pm

    Tommy –

    I followed your links and that house is really NEAT! So needed. So, so needed.

    Thanks for telling us about all of it and sharing all your thoughts on everything down here. Tom and I worry about the coast a lot, too, and even more so, New Orleans and the south part of Slidell, as I told you yesterday.

    As for yesterday – thank you SO much for talking with me – listening TO me as I went on so long sharing all the great things that have been so rapidly happening “all of a sudden” after an entire life time.

    I feel as if I’m preparing to step off into a big black hole in trying to accomplish all the tasks we’ve set before ourselves, and it’s very scarey. But, as I told you and have been saying on my blog, so far, God has removed every huge obtacle in our way and has opened door after door before us, so I have to keep the faith He will continue to do so.

    So, please keep praying with us and for us as we journey forward here. And thank YOU and the other six guys, again, for being part of these invaluable plans we have and in helping us to live out what we have for so many years dreamed of.

    Finally – you and Kim and Nancy J have a really great weekend in Memphis. Y’all go hear some good blues while you’re there. There’s lots of good music around.

  2. March 10, 2006 5:45 pm

    What a great idea. That would be something to get behind!

  3. March 12, 2006 11:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing good news and ideas, Tommy. This is going to be a wild and wooly March … but a great one!I love you guys much. I look forward to speaking in Starkville as soon as you guys want me to get up there.

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