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The Peanut Shoppe

March 14, 2006

Last Saturday morning we saw this occur. Two things from this besides really the best peanuts, cashews and pecans I have ever tasted. These were at The Peanut Shoppe

First, we found out about this place while pilfering nuts out of a tin at my mother’s house at Christmas. My uncle had sent her some and they were unbelievably good!

So we were on Main Street and found Ridda (not how it is spelled) and boy was he friendly. We told him about how we had found him out. Not only did he show us his proclamations from the State and the county mayor, but his articles in the papers, his show on the food network. He told about how he was an engineer and went to architectural school in England. But the interesting thing is he knew my uncle Don. He told me that he was one of his best (and he struggled that this was not a good enough word) customers. That he was an authentic person. He told me about my deceased uncle Dennis. He told me about my cousins that have run down my uncles’ business. He knew my family. And they way they had interacted with this Palestinian raised in Kuwait now a Memphian, made an impression.

My uncle Don was the black sheep of his family. He didn’t always live by the rules. But out of that maybe he learned to accept people as they were. He certainly made an impression on Ridda.

The second thing is that I had anticipated these peanuts. I had thought about them and how good they would be. I smelled them roasting in this ancient contraption. I had carried them to the hotel knowing that that satisfaction would come.

That is kind of like Lent for many people. They know that Easter is coming. And if they start early enough and if they take seriously what does God want to do in their lives and if they wait thinking about what is coming. They give up (suffer) in order to join in His suffering. Then when Easter comes (and it is coming) they will be able to celebrate it all the more.

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  1. March 14, 2006 6:58 pm

    Hey, Tommy –

    Did you bring us all some of those terrific mixed nuts? I would have gone beserk over them, myself.

    Gee whiz. Wish I had some right now this minute. I’m hungry.

    I’m glad you came to meet a new friend and to get to know your uncles and little better. My “black sheep” uncle became a Christian at about 60 years of age and was the happiest I’d ever seen him, although I always knew he was a deeply loving person.

    In fact, he was inspirational to me in SO many ways over the years both in his life and after he was gone. I’ll have to write about him sometime.

    I’m glad you and Kim had such a good weekend. Very glad.

  2. March 15, 2006 12:28 am

    Stories just find you, Tommy. Loved all the connections in that one.

    Thinking about your black-sheep Uncle reminded me about several friends of mine through the years who didn’t fit in our church box quite so neatly… They either thought too deeply or questioned too many things or struggled too much or just weren’t fulfilled by doing church…

    I think about how I used to shake my head at them wondering how they could take such divergent paths… Turns out, they were paving the way for me! I could’ve learned a lot from them if I would’ve had an open mind.

    Here I am all these years later… coming around… thinking maybe I should write some “you were right; I was wrong” letters!

    Who’s the black sheep now?!


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