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Structurally Sound

May 3, 2006

This picture is of a church in Louisiana. For those of you who are picky I will use this "church building" and refer to it as a church as an analogy.

The perfect church does not exist. There is that old saying that if it did, when you got there it would cease to be perfect.

Phil sent me over Here to watch a video. You can go watch if you promise to come back. The church in the picture is propped up from the outside. Its falling in on itself but the solution is a poor man's flying buttress. The windows are busted. The roof surely leaks. But its the only church in sight.

If you lived in this picture you might have to conclude there is no other church. That this is it. So lets concentrate on what is good. And there are some good things. Most anybody would recognize it as a church, that's good. It provides a place to meet. The potential that lives are changed still exists, maybe more so than in other places.

But to anyone who has been outside of the photo they would know this is not the only church and that it needs some repairs. To say it needs repairs is not to say its illegitimate as a church. It doesn't mean your throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Sunday I was scheduled to teach and in our series on "Why we believe what we believe" the topic was organization. In the church of my youth I was drilled with the "correct pattern" the church of the first century had a plurality of elders, it had deacons, it had ministers/evangelists. I didn't go that route Sunday. We talked a little about pattern and how there are examples that don't fit or we don't follow. Like the Council at Jerusalem. Sounds kind of like a "convention". But we did look at the Jewish parties that existed in Jesus' time and in particular the Pharasees. And when Jesus said that your righteousness must surpass them, that was something to sit up and say "What?" at. We looked at what many people call the seven woes that Jesus slams on the Pharasees later.

The point is that what a church is externally or structurally is not nearly as important as who it follows. Who it belongs to. Who it turns to for direction. It can be perfect structurally and be hollow/ void on the inside. Lives remain unchanged. The oppressed remain unfree. The blind remain sightless, the lame still can't walk and the broken hearted…. are broken hearted.

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  1. May 3, 2006 5:24 pm

    Who will follow Jesus!

    I am on the Lord’s side master here am I!!

    Great thoughts!

  2. May 3, 2006 6:11 pm

    That clip was a hoot!
    I love KotH…have all 5 seasons, getting the 6th soon!!!!

    Unless your righteousness exceeds the Pharisees…..Wow!
    Them’s some heavy words.

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