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The shooting

May 8, 2006

This is a church interior from the Mississippi Delta. There are two coal-oil lamps in the picture. One on the wall near the front and one hanging over the pulpit.

The picture reminds me of "The Color Purple". The scene at church where Shug (sp?) walks in singing and comes home to her Daddy. Great scene if you haven't watched the movie or read the book, there are lots of spiritual lessons in them.

I am also reminded of the little church that was our home when I was young. We built a new big building when I was still in elementary school, but I remember that old building which is now houses a small Baptist church. I remember walking up front and through the door to the left meant going to class. Walking up front and through the door the right meant the cry room. In my experience I wasn't crying going in, but I sure was when I got there.

it sat next to a building that I remember as a cleaners, lately it has been the home of the local AA chapter, but now is a florist. When it was built it was my great uncle's store. His mother, my great, great grandmother was true Jesus follower. She walked miles to church every Sunday, when cars came out, someone offered her a ride to church once. Her reply was, "no thanks, I'm in a hurry."

Anyway she was in church and her son was in his store one Sunday when a couple of rough and ready guys came in. Now truth be told, my great uncle by all accounts was as rough a customer as anyone ever met. But that's another story. These two guys wanted to buy some beer. And my uncle refused and told them not until church is out. (I know that makes no sense) They got mad and decided that they would go behind the counter and take his money. Worked pretty good until he got out his pistol and killed one of them right there with church going on next door.
I guess you can't drink beer during church time but you can kill a thief.

I never heard that story until the last few years. Older folks in my hometown know it well. All of this reminds me that so much history is slipping away. I guess it always has, but the disconnect in families and generations seems to be greater today. Family history can explain a lot of things that you never understood.

What about you any family stories?

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  1. May 8, 2006 11:57 am

    The church building I remember as my first had no indoor plumbing! I didn’t ask to go to the potty very often. I remember my daddy having to take my brother out and Mike screaming all the way out…”Don’t whip me, Daddy! Don’t whip me, Daddy!” I probably had a smirk on my face because well – just because!

  2. May 8, 2006 12:54 pm

    Shug: See, Daddy… sinners have souls too.

    Too many good lines from that movie!

    I think your church story wins hands down, but I’ll play along. When I recently visited with a friend who went to church with me in my early years, she was telling me about the time the church was considering disfellowshipping an elderly woman for forsaking the assembling of the saints because she wasn’t able to come to church as often since she had gotten older. What the?

    As far as family stories go… I don’t know many. All I know is that my mother’s side of the family never has family reunions because “it would be too easy for the cops to get everyone together at one time.” That’s all I know.

    To end, another favorite from The Color Purple:

    Sofia: Sat in that jail, I sat in that jail til I felt like I’s bout to rot to death. I know what it like to wanna go somewhere and cain’t. I know what it like to wanna sing… and have it beat out ‘ya. I want to thank you, Miss Celie, fo evrything you done for me. I ‘members that day in the store with Miss Millie – I’s feelin’ real down. I’s feelin’ mighty low. And when I seed you – I knowd they is a God. I knowd they is a God

  3. May 8, 2006 3:57 pm

    I’ll have to think…but I don’t think I can one up that one!!

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