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Believe Me / Don’t Believe Me

June 19, 2006

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“We get one shot at this. We have to make it count for our Lord.” I heard those words today in a different context, but they apply to us all. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing.


In this series I will try to explore and explain some of my beliefs.


I first must share a very, very old quote on writing.


The fact is, Phaedrs, that writing involves a similar disadvantage to painting. The productions of painting look like living beings, but if you ask them a question they maintain a solemn silence. The same holds true of written words; you might suppose that they understand what they are saying, but if you ask them what they mean by anything they simply return the same answer over and over again. Besides, once a thing is committed to writing it circulates equally amoung those who understand the subject and those who have no business with it; a writing cannot distinguish between suitable and unsuitable readers. And if it is ill-treated or unfairly abused it always needs its parent to come to its rescue; it is quite incapable of defending or helping itself – Plato, Phaedrus and Letters VII an VIII


I recognize writing has its weaknesses. I hope that you do as well. I tend to write on this blog in an extemporaneous manner. It is not sweated over or edited. I hope you readers will read it with the benefit of the doubt given to me when something could be taken the wrong way. That is to say, I hope you will assume the best about me and not assume the worst.


I sometimes attempt to dig at traditions in order to find what is beneath. To borrow a few more words, "The word destructive is often associated with the word deconstructive, but the association is erroneous". In deconstruction lies hope that something better will appear. "Perhaps deconstruction , then, could be seen as the search for God and God's mysteries when human constructions may be obscuring them: it is an endeavor hoping to fail, for when it fails and reaches the Undeconstructable, it has reached the goal of its pursuit." In the same spirit I hope that we peel away at church as we know it in order to get down to what it really should be. To understand.

That does not mean being controversial for its own sake. It means questioning in the same way that the Apostle Thomas did. Not to believe simply because someone told you to believe. Thomas questioned and said, “Show me”. Jesus did show him and he confessed who Jesus really WAS. In the same way as that namesake, I hope to search for the truth, to search for my Lord and my God.


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