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Big Daddy

September 9, 2006

We went last night to the bulldog bash and they have started having a christian band at these events. Big Daddy Weave was playing. They were great and it was free. We stayed and talked to Mike Weaver (lead singer/ writer) for the group. Seemed like a great guy and very appreciative.

Two things he said that I thought were great for the crowd. One was tell them that they couldn’t be bad enough to change how much God loves them nor could they be good enough to change that either. He also prayed (and it didn’t seem strange) that God would forgive those of us who were Christians for not always doing a good job of representing him to the world.

I remember a lot heat being generated 15-20 years ago because of reports that Ruble Shelly had students appologizing for similar reasons.

Has your arrogance, or maybe your religious predudice or your pride or rudness left needing to appologize for how you have represented God?

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  1. September 10, 2006 8:44 am

    There’s a great moment in Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz when he and his rebel Christian friends set up a confessional booth in the midst of a campus bacchanal and, dressed like monks, begin confessing to the boozy students that they haven’t been very good representatives of Christ. Highly recommended reading.

  2. September 10, 2006 10:42 pm

    yeah, Keith, I have read that. this was a similar moment.

  3. September 11, 2006 9:57 pm

    Read my post today, T. And pray with me and for me about such things.

  4. September 12, 2006 12:28 am

    In Blue Like Jazz, is Miller apologizing for his own sins or the sins of other people?

    Has anyone else noticed that “That Girl” has a great new pic?

  5. September 12, 2006 2:39 pm

    If you are in the audience, you either pray it or don’t. What would be the harm in that?

  6. September 12, 2006 9:00 pm

    You big suck up! I buy one of your books and you’re lovin’ on me now! Thank you for the flattery!

    Terri L

  7. September 12, 2006 10:18 pm

    Miller and others appologized for others past and present. As I recall. They set up a confessonal booth and people would wander in not knowing what to expect and they were met with the Christians appologies.

  8. September 12, 2006 11:19 pm

    Well, I officially apologize for you guys thinking that’s cool.


  9. September 13, 2006 10:53 am

    In the context of the book it makes sense. You should read it. He was on a campus hostile to christians and they did confess their own shortcomings and that broke the ice with some people.

  10. September 14, 2006 8:37 am

    Yeah — I have the book and just couldn’t get past some things…

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