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October 18, 2006

I read today about a meeting today with Brian McLaren. He quoted a friend and said:

What we focus on determines what we miss.

Wow! that ‘s one of those quotes that if it were in the water it would be a shark. There are many different ways you could go with that statement.

I have been teaching “Acts” this semester. We have been calling it Acts 29 as in we are the next chapter. One of the greatest things I have seen in reading and re-reading Acts is to try to look at it with fresh eyes. To not focus in a way as to miss the message that Dr. Luke wanted to tell.

It starts with the ascension scene. Instead of reading that as a cryptic no and an answer that meant the kingdom would be established shortly as in Pentecost, I now read it as a clear indication to the “Daniel” reading Jew and the Greek who knew Caesar (who claimed to ascend to the heavens). It was a clear message that Jesus, not Caesar is lord. With that theme, more and more passages jump out and the reading Acts as a handbook of how to do church or as a book of doctrine or pattern falls away. I think I can successfully argue Acts has as much randomness as pattern. But consistently people are changed when they realize Jesus is Lord…. by the way one of my favorite discoveries in Acts is the last word in Greek. Unhindered. Paul is locked up, he’s under house arrest but not the gospel…its unhindered.

What have you focused on and what has it caused you to miss?

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  1. October 19, 2006 8:40 am

    Terri was right, your post reminds me of mine….

    But I am so worried about what others are missing that I blind my eyes to what I MISS!! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. October 19, 2006 11:06 am

    This may sound a bit strange, or related, I’m not sure. Along the lines of what you’re saying and Donna just said, I’ve been thinking a whole lot the past few days about how for years and years I was taught and led to believe that we all had to try to be “different” than who we are. There was a hierarchy of believers and it was as if we were cookies being cut out all with the same mold so that we would all be the same, which was always vastly different from who we were to begin with and who we REALLY were.

    I focused so much on those external problems I couldn’t overcome, that I never had the time, nor was I taught that I should, look at ME. To be a Christian the way I AM and not because I’ve beat my entire life out of me to become what someone else thinks I should be.

    I missed ME. I could not see myself as God’s children just as I am. And I was horribly miserable and scared and felt worthless. I’m not saying that my sole focus should be ON myself. I’m saying that once I really looked at myself and figured out who I was and that I was okay, THEN I could turn my focus on others as myself to help them in ways only I can be of help.

    Does that make sense?

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