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In the Midst of our Dark World – Advent day 1

November 28, 2006


Advent really should start this coming Sunday.  But I wanted to start this one early.  We have celebrated as a family and done a devotional nightly that is very kid friendly and place one “ornament” on our “tree” each night.    Each ornament has a symbol that corresponds with the devotional thought.   On our twelfth night party all our friends who attend read a scripture and the kids all take turns taking the “ornament” off the tree.  Traditions are good.  Our kids don’t let us do away with any of them, so I know they will remember them.   This year Kim bought a book, “Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen”  I was looking at it and read the first day.  Maybe I will be able to post some thoughts on it each day.

The first day “In the Midst of Our Dark World” shares the following quote:

I keep on expecting loud and impressive events to convince me and others  of God’s saving power….Our temptation is to be distracted by them….When I have no eyes for the small signs of God’s presence–the smile of a baby, the carefree play of children, the words of encouragement and gestures of love offered by friends–I will always remain tempted to despair.

The small child of Behtlehem, the unknown man of Nazareth, the rejected preacher, the naked man on the cross, he asks for my full attention.  The work of our salvation takes place in the midst of a world that continues ot shout, scream, and overwhelm us with its claims and promises. –Gracias! A Latin American Journal

Isaiah 11:1-3 is quoted and then a prayer

We welcome you small child of Bethlehem, whose coming we await with quiet attention.  Shield us from the shouts, screams, the empty promises of the season,  and encourage us to turn our hopes to your coming.  We know that the promise is hidden in the stabel in Bethlehem and rooted in the offspring of Jesse; let us look for our salvation there.

Then there is a suggested action: Today I will look for one small sign that God is present in my daily life.  I will give thanks for his presence.  If he is absent, I will resolve to find out why.


Well, that was easy to find tonight for me.  It was announced that it was Daddy night.  A supper of food I like, and as is the tradition.  Each family member says, “I love Daddy because….”  Other than Titus(3) saying, “I love Daddy because he gives us MONEY” it was very touching to have just read this and be told by my family how God is present in our home.

May you likewise see God not in the noisy but in the small signs that he loves you.

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  1. November 28, 2006 10:33 pm

    Hmmm, I think Titus is an honest boy!

    I am ordering the book….I knew you would like him.

  2. November 29, 2006 8:31 am

    You ARE a good Daddy, T. I know you are because I know what kind of man you are!

    Love to you all!


  3. December 1, 2006 10:36 am

    I got my book and am starting today…..looking for the one small thing will be fun

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