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007 For Your Eyes Only

January 5, 2007


Every bond movie starts with and opening gambit that is full of action and then comes the opening credits… I am sure there is an analogy there…but I will leave that one to you.

I first watch Roger Moore as James Bond.  So I will start with him for our first picture.

Beginning at the end.   This is for your eyes only. Did you know that every Bond movie except for Dr. No and Thunderball have a line at the end of the closing credits that says either,  “James Bond will be back” or “James Bond will return”?

That is the first lesson for us in 007.  You’ve got to pay attention until the end.  Because He will return.

Not James.


When we loose sight of this we loose a sense of urgency that we need to have.  We are dulled into thinking things will go on forever.  James Bond knows he could easily die.  He lives his life that way.

What you believe about Jesus’ return affects how you live your life.

Its an important part of communion to me… the knowing that there will come a day when he will return and set things right.

It will not be for your eyes only, “every knee will bow…”

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  1. January 5, 2007 4:38 pm

    I have a hard time balancing what I have always been taught about His coming again being the main reason for Christian living vs living in the Kingdom now.

    I guess I don’t measure everything I do well enough with either view of Christ in mind. And I know I need to be urgent about the souls that are lost.

    2007- He’s coming from heaven!

  2. January 5, 2007 11:45 pm

    I’ve had trouble with the balancing act as well.

    I guess the way I try to reconcile it is that I remember that He redeemed all times. The cross went backwards as well as forwards. And, I think we gain strenth to live with the kingdom in mind as a result of the confidence of knowing how it all ends in the future.

    I like your lesson from the movie: “You’ve got to pay attention until the end.”

  3. January 6, 2007 11:13 am

    I have often been concerned to hear us repeat the words from scripture, “Lord Come Quickly”, as if we are waiting in pain and agony and need to be rescued. All the while a world that does not know the joy and blessing of being a Christ follower run head long into eternity unprepared to meet their God. The balance for me is found in the word of the old song, “We will work till Jesus comes”.

    Excellent thoughts my brother. As you said, “It will not be for your eyes only, “every knee will bow…”

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