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On the Move

March 5, 2007


A while back…Here to be exact …I posted about Bono’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast back in 2006. Those remarks are now in a book called, On the Move. The book is available at Amazon and includes the words of the speech and Photos that Bono took in Africa.

“6,500 Africans are still dying every day of a preventable, treatable disease, for lack of drugs we can buy at any drug store.”

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  1. March 6, 2007 1:56 pm

    Thanks for pointing the way.

  2. kentuckycolonel permalink
    March 7, 2007 10:26 am

    Thank you for keeping this on-going, daily tragedy before us. Some of this is preventable….some not – due to on going civil wars and genocide. Our government (love my country) has failed to be more of a player in helping.

    When I was in Africa sometime ago I was surprised to find that over the counter and Rx drugs could be purchased at a fraction of the cost to what we pay here… Probably much was ‘black market’.

    Thanks again
    Carl Wade

  3. March 7, 2007 3:03 pm

    Thanks for the “heads up” on this. That last quote is quite disturbing.

  4. March 7, 2007 6:05 pm

    Bono is to be commended for his work. Unlike many celebs and many liberals, he is putting his words in shoe leather. For many folks, talking about a need is the moral equivelent of actually doing something to meet the need.

    Thanks for the post.

    Grace and Peace,
    Royce Ogle

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