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A blessing for Eli

January 10, 2009

I posted this as a comment on Kim’s blog but wanted to say here as well.

Eli, as I am posting this for mom, it is 3:48 in the morning here and I am writing this comment with tears in my eyes (you know I cry at a lot) I am so very proud of you! You are becoming a fine young man. It is my hope and prayer that you will become so much more and better of a man than I am in every way. I can’t put you on my lap physically right now as we normally do but I am looking into your eyes in this picture and telling you that I want to bless you. I want you to understand how very, very happy you make me. How glad I am that your heart is sensitive to others and that you honor me with your obedience. This year marks a very different year for you. (you would be thinking what a weirdo Dad is as I am still crying) In the past we have told you you could be whatever you wanted to be and we would help you accomplish that. We have been telling you that that is less and less true as we see God shaping you into what he wants you to be. I don’t know yet what that will be exactly, but I know it will be someone who is creative and loves imagination. A person who loves friends. These are good traits! This year you become a young man. No longer a boy and with that comes all sorts of challenges. You are more than up to these challenges! In fact you are so up to them that I often don’t think you need guidance. But i know that at times you do. This year we will talk more and more about what being a good man means. We will take adventures together and other men will also speak into your life about these things. I want you to know that I am amazed today to think that that little baby I walked around and around our house your first night home and that stood in my lap at such a young age has become who you have become. Never loose your generosity and compassion for others that are wronged. Never lose your creativity because the world mostly doesn’t value that. They want you to step into line as most of them have and say things are ok as they are. It comforts them to know others have given up as well. The only people remembered long after they have died are those with dreams that they are willing to chase and pursue and make into a reality. You can be such a person
Eli, may God bless this 13th year of your life, may he provide you with assurances of who you can be with his help. May you reach your next birthday with confidence in your life’s direction.

I love you with all my heart.

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