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February 12, 2010

We are doing a series at church called “Soul Revolution” which is based on the book of the same name.  The basic premise is that you take a 60 day challenge to orient yourself to God every 60 minutes.

This series had been kicked around for at least a year, maybe two.  I started off a bit skeptical (as always).  I started reading the book and was immediately just overcome with conviction.  I wrote about that in my last post.  I have decided that I have taught over and over about knowing God, about having a relationship and not just knowing about God.  I have had encounters with the Living God and feel certain that I have heard his voice in my life.   I have even tried to walk with God (asking him for guidance through the day).  But….  I’ve never felt connected for long.

So I decided to put it to a test.  I committed to try for 60 days and see what God can do. (that sounds all noble, it feels more like a desperate attempt to swim to shore)

I’ve had great success at praying hourly.  I’ve missed a 2 or 3 times because my watch was not loud enough.  So I have taken to setting my countdown timer on my phone.

The results have been surprising.  Fruits of the Spirit have come that I have never been able to achieve.  And maybe that is the secret.  Connect to the vine you don’t achieve, you just receive from Christ. Disciplines seem easier too.

I am hoping that I have reached the end of myself.  I was praying earlier that God would just take my body, my mind, my will and make it his let all my thoughts be his thoughts.  I have to admit that I am in moments overcome with sorrow that I have hurt people and that I wish I could have lived all my life in God’s will.

One of the early chapters (3 or 4)  I don’t remember which John writes about praying “The Lord’s prayer” and that is what I have already been doing.  If you haven’t tried this give it a try.

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  1. February 12, 2010 1:08 pm

    Sounds like what I need…

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